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Larry Haynes


Larry Haynes is a pioneer in surf cinematography and videography. Living on the North shore of Hawaii with his wife for eight months of the year, Haynes was featured in the beginnings of the infamous H3O and has served as chief water videographer for Dynacomm sports (ESPN) in professional surf comtests and action sports. He has freelanced as photo/film/and videographer for the biggest names in the surf industry for the past ten years, from Surfer Magazine to MTV. His footage has been featured in many commercials ranging from ATT Worldwide to Janis Mutual Funds,to local surfboard manufacturers Local Motion, Town and Country and HIC. His own research and development has produced state of the art equipment and photography techniques including helmet cam, jet ski cam, board cam and he has amassed an impressive library. In 1996 Haynes was voted Cinematographer of the Year by Surfer Magazine for his film "Fluid Combustion II: Mana". He continues to produce the Fluid Combustion video series, Board Stories TV and much more at the North shore's Win-Win Studios.

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